Bake Away.

“Often, out of our greatest rejection comes our greatest direction”

I instantly hit the favorite button when I saw this tweet.

Who would have thought I would love baking? No one saw this coming. My only goal when I was in college is to be able to work in media companies. I kinda did. For a while.

My obsession for sweet treats started when I used to eat Milo straight from the package as a kid — and I still do now. It would also be a safe guess that having sweet tooth runs in the family.

Then my college friends would usually have lunch together in one of their houses cooking food and started making ready-bake brownies for dessert. After that, I experimented on Betty Crocker cookies then Duncan Hines instant Devil’s cake. Whenever there’s a family gathering I would always volunteer to bring desserts.

At that time I get to work in a kitchen equipment company where I established good relationship with our in-house Chefs and I guess we don’t have a choice because we share the same desk. They were my go to people. They injected the science of baking in me so much that I convinced myself to up my game a little — I finally researched on a good red velvet cupcake recipe from scratch. Well what do you know, I got it perfect the first time! By the way, all of these I made with the help of a trusty oven toaster and a 6-cup muffin pan.

Until I got my very own Elba and a business venture with a colleague. We made one Christmas a huge opportunity to showcase our talents and people did bite it! I remember that season to be the most tiring and dreadful Christmas I ever had. But in the end, it did pay off.

When my business partner and I decided to go separate ways, I took the liberty of taking my soon to be husband’s last name — Sanchez. Did a tweaking and settled for the name, Mrs. S.

My journey began as a full time baker. Enrolled to The Maya Kitchen’s classes and improved my skills. I felt it in me that this is what I wanted to do. So I did.

Although it was just a three-day workshop, I have learned the basics and probably the best investment you can ever have because the basics will always save you from trouble.

I launched my heart and soul in 2012. Started taking orders from family members until my network expanded to friends, friend of friends, in-laws co-workers.

But I didn’t stop there. I used to hate cake decorating specifically fondant. Maybe because I have no idea how to make it and I feel like everybody’s doing it. But business have been very slow and again I thought i have to go to the next level.

A family member who will be celebrating her birthday asked me if I can make 60 cupcakes with fondant/gumpaste toppers and a cake. I don’t know what went inside my brain and I said yes. This began my interest in exploring the world of cake decorating. With keen research and practice, I somehow mastered molding fondants to shapes I never knew I could.

I was in cloud 9 that time. I told myself “I did it!” But just like any other stories, some end successfully, and some just slaps you in the face. My big break got cut. Although I am still making a cake for them, I felt a little depressed and for a time I hated myself.

But it just hit me, it was a blessing in disguise. If not for that opportunity, I wouldn’t learn how to make couture cakes. My greatest rejection directed me to the path that I will be walking on for years. If not for that experience I would have not opened myself to a new challenge. Today, my fondant cakes are slowly making it’s name.

My first fondant cake

We got to love rejections. It may seem painful most of the time but I believe it’s just God’s way of saying, “Hey, I have something better for you!”


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