Hair Talk

It has been said that the hair is the crowning glory of a woman. Just take a look at how many shampoo commercials are in your TV, how much aisle does a grocery needs for hair care products? Admit it, one way or another, you obsess on how your hair looks.

Too many styles, too many colors to choose from but how do we know what is right for us?

As a young child I love to get a haircut and I think I always score a short hair. But as you grow older especially in your teenage years you want to grow your hair long and straight because that’s what your crush likes. Thankfully, I had no problems in that area since I have ridiculously straight hair that everyone thinks I engage in hair rebond.

Everyone else will agree with me that the secret of having a good hair day is a good stylist. Salons are like mushrooms here in the Philippines, wherever you go, every corner you turn, you can find one. But don’t fall for those types who post SALE!!! PROMO advertisements on their windows. They usually have the worst hair stylist!

As a mom I am very much comfortable in wearing short locks. It is so hard to manage a long one when you are nursing or running after your 4 year old. And so after 2 long years of being happy with my uncut hair, I have decided that it is time for a new look. I kinda had a hard time deciding since it’s really nice to keep it long for awesome hairstyles but a girl needs to change sometimes (with husband’s approval too).

The ever talented Tita Princess Misa-Hernandez have been practicing the art of make-up for years and years now. I knew her back when I was still working in the music industry and we asked her to do apl.de.ap’s make-up when he visited Manila in 2011. She is also the mom of RX 93.1’s DJ Cerah.

Impressed by her talent, good service and professionalism, I hired her on my wedding day.

Now that we are still in good communication she told me that she just recently put up a Salon in Makati. Guess where I went to get my hair cut? To the Princess Misa Salon!

The salon has this home-y feel and the neighborhood is actually nice. I usually get lost in Makati but this time I didn’t because it is just around Makati City Hall.

I met Joel, the salon’s senior hairstylist and we pretty much had a good convo while he slashes off my hair.

Ahhh there, feeling light and breezy! And as expected Tita Princess did not disappoint. It’s just so refreshing to try something new and the best part is Princess Misa Salon did not burn my pocket.

Salon offers variety of services from hair styling to waxing and even permanent make ups!

with my forever fave Princess Misa-Hernandez

Just be sure to call and book your appointments first to ease the hassle of waiting.

Princess Misa Salon
1216 Cardona Street, Rizal Village, 1208 Makati
(02) 897 2534
Salon Hours: 9AM-9PM

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