Old school – Homeschool

Remember when you are forced to wake up at five in the morning, shower in the cold and eat breakfast at 5:30 because the school bus will come and pick you up at 6? How about when your parents drag you to the mall in June to buy school supplies and the bookstore’s line is just unbearable?

Most parents would say, “that’s the reality of life, suck it up!” But my husband and I are not most parents.

Earlier in our parenting days, we never really cared on how we want our child to be brought up. We just want our daughter to be normal, healthy, study in a good school. But after years of experience, observance in what is going on with the generation today and as we joined the Christian faith, we then realized that we have to be different.

Thankfully God placed us in a discipleship group where we get to converse to more experienced parents and the biggest perk of all is that they are homeschooling parents.

I have been hearing a lot about homeschooling, but some are more illustrating it as difficult, expensive, ineffective. But it was all wrong. Sure it is difficult because it requires commitment and a lot of your time but the results are fulfilling.

What is Homeschool?
Homeschool can also be referred to home study where learning takes place in your own home or in a tutor’s home.

Common misconception about homeschooling is that it should be done by a certified person or pay someone to teach your kid. Parents should do it – and yes you can do it. The only requirement needed is PATIENCE, a lot of it.

In homeschooling, you don’t just sit and read to your kids, you are also making them feel important, family values will be well instilled, discipline your kids the way you want to.

How does Homeschooling work?
First you need to find a support group. Surprisingly, many parents are into homeschooling now and I’m sure anywhere you go you will get to know someone who does.

For some they want to start their kids as early as 3 years old, but I would suggest start them somewhere between 4 and 5. Why? Children’s attention span at the age 3 can only last 10 minutes and please, let your kids enjoy being a child. But of course it will not hurt if you start them with a little ABC, 123 and bed time stories.

There are several curriculum that you can buy but the top most used and proven to be effective is Pearson Learning’s Sing, Spell, Read and Write. Don’t waste money on buying useless activity books. SSRW is a complete set and is good for 2 school years. You can purchase online or locally at C&E Publishing. But it has been said that the imported version is more complete and that I have yet to confirm once my kit arrived sometime before the year ends.

And the biggest concern of every parent is, how will my kid be recognized by the Department of Education? Since the Philippines has just recently adapted the K-12 curriculum, your kids shall be enrolled at the age of 5 as Kindergarten student. There are plenty of schools that offer certification for homeschooling but I am eyeing on one in Rizal, Peniel Integrated Christian Academy. According to my group mates who have enrolled their kids, you need to pay P10,000/yearly for the certification and all transactions can be made online. Your kid will get to have his quarterly test of course and the most exciting part is you get to make the grades!

We haven’t really inquired for ourselves but once we do I shall update this blog for everyone to have a more detailed info.

Why consider Homeschool?
Just like what I have said, fulfilling results await homeschooling parents.

I have been mocked plenty of times with our decision to homeschool our 4-year old daughter. People will laugh at you, will never believe that you, as a parent can actually be a teacher. Of course, it’s because everyone was raised going to school and carrying the burden of being bullied or suffering under a terror Ms. Lopez.


My husband and I believe that if we wanted our daughter to be disciplined, why not endure our own practice? Why would we want to pay someone to scare our kid? Seriously. There should be no one responsible for bringing up or educating your child but YOU.


Why do teenagers rebel? We all know the common reason — Busy Parents. Lack of time and attention can bring out the hell out of your kid. Homeschooling requires a lot of time. The classes may only last at 10 minutes at first but the endless interrogation of a 4 year old does not have a time out. And when she asks, make sure you are there to answer the truth and nothing but the truth. Plus, they’ll know the value of time especially when it was given by the most important people in their life.


Although homeschooling will give you the opportunity to choose what curriculum fits best your child, it also offers unlimited explorations. Normal school may offer 10 subjects in one day which is actually tiring and draining because at the end of the day you still have to finish homework and review for a long quiz. But really, how many in that 10 subjects are absolute essential?

Subjects like Religion, P.E, Home Economics, Arts (add some more here) are very practical and best taught by parents. Home Economics shouldn’t be limited to sewing or cooking, mothers can teach kids how to bake and at the same time learn measurements (and that’s already Math!).

Field trips can be done every week in homeschooling without the painful cost in your pocket. Just imagine you pay P3000 for your kid to go to some bread factory. Tell me why? A trip to the zoo, aquarium or museums every now and then will not only bring fun to your tots but also to you, their parents.


You may not save much but saving a little still means saving. Ever wonder where those developmental fee go? When you enroll your kids to schools you don’t just pay the tuition fee, you also pay for the school’s unnecessary expenses. Use that savings in your fun field trip/vacation.


Where is the fun to kids who skipped breakfast because the school bus is already here? Those kids who have been constantly bullied which leads to later on murder/suicide? How about learning that your child at the age 10 has a boyfriend already?

There’s no fun in raising an envious, insecure child. I am not saying all but that’s the problem most parents face in this generation. Because all kinds of temptation can now be easily accessed, our role as a parent is to block that bridge.

As I’ve said, attitude, good or bad can be easily caught. It’s not because the parents forget to teach their kids good manners but because no matter how strict you are in your household, once your child goes out of the house, he is free as a bird.

Imagine how long your kid is with different types of people: 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 10 months is one year for 12 years of his life. You think you will have the same child by then?

Of course homeschooling is just an option for parents who have the luxury of time, but then again as a parent, what should be our role in our child’s life?

-Mrs. S

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