Journey to 37 something weeks Part 1

I am no newbie in parenting. We have been proud parents to our beautiful daughter for almost 5 years now and I must say it has been a roller coaster ride ever since.

Way back dating years, husband and I have been talking about how many kids we wanted in our future life. We both agreed to two kids, a boy and a girl.

Fast forward to 2 years after I gave birth to our first child, whenever people ask me why we haven’t decided to get pregnant again I tell them every memory of having a child is still fresh to me (the pain, lack of sleep and all) and that I feel like I won’t be able to go through that same ride ever again. In short, I was skeptical in having more kids.

But what do you know? I’m on my 35th week now, busy preparing for our second child.
As we get deeper into our marriage, we both know that it’s time to have a new baby.

Last year we finally decided to get off contraceptives, do it the natural way and somehow praying for a wonderful gift. Several months after, we got the surprise of our lives — a new baby!

We couldn’t be happier. Although faced with lots of fears and worries as the news sink in, we know that this is a great blessing from God.

To make things official, I had to check in with my OB-GYNE, Dra. Teresa Bongala for a consult. I think I was 8 weeks back then and had my first ultrasound on my 10th week. Everything was perfect. The fetus is very active and did not show any congenital problems.


I guess every woman’s main concern when getting pregnant is their health. Few things that one must remember is that before you decide to get pregnant be on your greatest if not be at your best possible weight with no health issues at all.

Me, I tried to be at my best but not the same during the time that I had my first child but I am very determined to be the healthiest during this pregnancy.

My determination later on lead to a scary decision, well for most women. I said this time I’ll do it painfully but perfectly — I chose to do NATURAL BIRTH.

I was guilty with my first birth for having a mentality of “I just want to be done with this and get over”. I felt like I did not cherish the miracle that has happened in my body.

Luckily, I had such great support system, my husband. He assured me of a lot of things like our finances, that he will be with me all throughout and to attend a childbirth class with me since he did not experience how it was on that time I gave birth to our first child.

Although on the first few months of pregnancy, I felt so stressful probably because my body is adjusting to homeschooling and husband’s transition to his job but eventually I became more relaxed and I felt a certain guarantee.

I thank God for my husband, for speaking to him, probably it was not him assuring me but it was God. I have been feeling peaceful lately, sometimes exhausted but more of stable.

What I said regarding fears and worries at the start of this blog, all those went away as soon as I learned to let go and let GOD run our lives. My prayer each day simply goes like this:

“Lord, I trust in you, I have faith in you, you are good to your people.”


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