My Pregnancy

Hi everyone! I think I just have to release the whole story behind this pregnancy.

I have been very open with regards to my health, our choices, even posting it here on my blog and to other social media site. Instead of explaining from one people to another, let me just set things straight to avoid confusion.

Not to sound rude or anything, we do appreciate everyone’s concern, we really feel special that a lot of you take time to send message or call us everyday (as in everyday) kahit na hindi naman kame artista. I guess in a way you are also excited for us. On the other hand, it did add a little pressure on my side because some doesn’t understand what’s going on.

See childbirth is a very complicated topic. I know some, especially the elderly would say na, “sus nung panahon namen basta sumakit, ire agad!” But as time flies mas nagkaroon ng deeper study and I personally believe na innocence is not an excuse. I would rather know every detail there is available about bearing a child simply because I LOVE TO BE EDUCATED AND TO EDUCATE PEOPLE.

For some they probably thought na ang arte namen ni Mike considering this is our 2nd child, but whatever choice we made, is sacred and is OURS.

So going back to the real topic of this blog, I am very much pressured as it is. Why?
My due date, meaning 40th week is May 25 via Normal Spontaneous Delivery if God will allow. What do I mean? Kasi hindi naman porke’t normal nung una, normal ka na forever. There are plenty of complications that can happen but we are praying none of this will be allowed to happen to me and the baby. See: Factors for C-section.

When you say due date if you are delivering via NSD estimate lang yan. Because pwede ka na manganak within your 37th – 41st week, yes pwede pa din umabot ng 41. Acceptable pa yun but malamang you will be induced na sa 40th week mo pa lang. Anything that goes beyond the 41st week will be scheduled for a C-section.

In my case, my 37th week was last week, May 4. My doctor and I planned to deliver this week because I am having a natural unmedicated childbirth. Good thing also when I had my check up on May 3 and had an internal exam, doc said na I was 2cm dilated na. We got all excited because we think na everything is going as planned.

Now, why 37 weeks? Dahil sa size ni baby. If paabutin pa namen ng 39-40 weeks baka malabo na ako makapag lamaze technique. She is worried na the baby will get bigger and that I would have a hard time delivering it. Mabait naman kasi ang doctor ko, ayaw nya ako pahirapan. Also we had a feeling na this week na talaga because Sunday morning I already release my mucus plug which is sign that labor is just around the corner. With my first child 12 hrs after my water broke na. In short, umasa kame. But there are cases na after mucus plug 2 weeks pa nag labor si girlaloo. See my previous blog regarding Pregnancy Terms

That’s one reason. Another is today, my in-laws, actually everyone in this compound are going to Cebu for a reunion. I felt bad na nga that we can’t go this year (and also I didn’t get to enjoy 2014 summer) pero syempre priority ang family eh. I just worried na if ever I needed to be in the hospital ASAP no one will be available to drive me since Mike needs to go to work pa (availing paternity leave after I give birth).

And since no one will be here, no one will also over see my daughter. Only the maids will stay with her and that alone gives me the creeps. Good thing our cousin Anne offered her house for Ryry and that’s a relief!

Third reason is my doctor said she is worried about me because she’s leaving for a convention this Sunday, May 11. Of course nung una I wasn’t worried since I knew 2cm na ako and she said I might be in labor with 3-4 days. But no, I am still here. You know that feeling na pinressure mo n an talaga ang buong katawan mo just to go into labor. I honestly, well, me and Mike walked around east ave one night just to push thru with our plans.

Last important reason is, I wanted to attend another cousin’s wedding. Well actually it’s because she hired us to coordinate and as one of the PIC I wanted to oversee also. I have OCD especially with work so I don’t know if I can stand the thought of “I should have been there”.

Also this June Ryry would start schooling and I wanted to be fully adjusted by that time.
I know some moms out there understand how I feel especially when you got all the things ready and it’s like waiting for forever game na lang ito.

I just don’t like it when people put me in pressure na everyday would ask me kelan lalabas, I wouldn’t know. And then would tell me their worries in life as if I don’t have enough on my plate. So don’t be heartbroken when I don’t reply because I think I deserve this time to be pampered, prayed upon and be entertained.
I highly appreciate those messages na “how are you?” lang. Ayoko din nung mga scary stuff na kwento na mapapaisip ako sa condition ko now.

That is why I said na surrender na ako kay Lord, hindi dahil ayaw lumabas ni baby but because it isn’t even time yet. His timing will be perfect for sure.

Again I don’t want to be rude to all of you, I just feel also that we are just not on the same page and the others are too tamad to read my posts so they will just assume.

So yeah my journey still continues! 🙂

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