Selfless Love of a Mother

Being a mom is no joke. Toughest priceless job that only God can give to a woman. It was a privilege indeed that sometimes you would think why’d you even accepted it.

See, you’re on call 24/7, no holidays, actually the holidays are the busiest days in a year. You are not only a mother during those days but you suddenly become a cook, dishwasher, event planner, party host, game master, grocery shopper and when something fails in the kitchen, they will surely judge.

How can one fragile body do all that? I guess we are not so helpless after all.

Mothers are the strongest. We just don’t show our fears in life. We are best known multitaskers in the whole wide universe (and probably in heaven).

No one can replace a mom in a child’s life even if you say you’ll let other experienced mom take care of your kid, your kid will always come back into your arms.

I know because among my siblings I was the clingy-est to my mom but as we grew older she became clingy to us (hehe). I guess that’s how motherhood works. When all your kids suddenly grew up you just wanted them to be how they were, when all they ask for is “mama”.

I am thankful for my Mama not only for carrying 3 kids for 9 mos each (yeah why don’t u try that) and raising them up to this day but also for bringing 3 more awesome mothers in this world, 2 grandchildren who will become mothers not so soon but in the future.



I also realized that I not only have 2 awesome sisters but also mother like figures. Actually we all somehow mothering each others when needed.


And of course my mother in law who brought an 8lb boy via normal delivery not to mention his huge head. That must have hurt you a lot! Thank you for giving him to me and our kids.


To all the mothers out there, we are superheroes, sometimes, no most of the time we get tired with our kids and husbands but always remember God blesses those who give selfless love!


Cheers to us all!

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