The birth of Miguel Lorenzo

A week after I lamented on waiting, our baby is finally out!

God has a great sense of humor. Being terrified of how the pain would feel (still), I was asking for a quick not too painful labor. Guess what I got? I real quick one.

Saturday, 17th of May.

I was scheduled to go to my doctor’s reliever for an internal examination just to check my progress but I didn’t go. For some reason I was hesitant and been wanting to check out Mommy Mundo’s expo in Makati. And if you think of it, all I need during my 39th week is more walking…and walking.

That night I was feeling a little heavy and some contractions but nothing serious. So I slept. Soundly.

Sunday, 18th of May.

I usually wake up at 7am everyday. I did on this day but with the help of some contractions. I didn’t panic although it came with 6-10 minute intervals because I can handle the pain. At around 8am, husband and I decided to take our breakfast. I was still laughing at his jokes in between contractions so again I thought this might not be it.

9am we decided to take a bath and head to the hospital because the feeling has not left me for 2 hours. At the back of my mind I am convincing myself that this is it but because of all the waiting I was still hesitant. After a quick bath and some fixing, we traveled from Quezon City to Taguig still managing my contractions.

At 10am we got to the hospital. Parked at the wrong side so I still got a chance to get lost and walk to the OB-GYN Complex. As we entered the complex, I was brought to the admitting room and a fetal monitor was strapped around my belly to check baby’s heartbeat and my contractions. According to Nurse Izza, who is by the way a very awesome nurse, a strong contraction is about 80-100 during transition. I got a 70. The rest was just on 40s-60s and was accused by my husband as being overly dramatic every time a contraction kicks in.


I was waiting for the resident OB to come and check me for about 15 minutes. When she came in, she wanted to wait for another 10 or so minutes before she’ll do an IE because maybe she too is not convinced on how strong my contractions were. As we waited, we were still making jokes in between contractions, checking facebook and trying to contact some people.

After a while she went back to check me and to tell me that they are trying to contact my doctor but could not reach her. Then she did an IE. That moment I suddenly felt huge waves of contractions. She told me I was 8 cm dilated and my water is about to break. True enough after that IE I felt a sudden gush. Immediately nurse Izza had me changed to a hospital gown and Dr. Monica, the resident OB, told me I cannot walk or stand anymore because baby’s head is already in station -1. They had me admitted right there and then. Bummer, I was so ready to walk, do some slow dance and even prepared my focal point.

A few minutes later like 2 minutes after station -1, I heard everyone in the complex running and rushing because head is approaching station +4, meaning baby is almost crowning. As my husband lifted me to change into the gown that’s the time I felt a little crazy asking for epidural while I try to hit my head on his shoulder saying I have an urge to push. So he was trying to calm me down and doing the hee-blow with me. Oh I am telling you, that urge to push feeling is crazy and very hard to fight! And yeah, I was saying “I can’t, I can’t” like a mental patient.

Then I was transferred to no one knows where because nothing was prepared before hand and I heard someone shout “OR 4!” and nurses telling me to just close my legs and put my hands on my chest as they rushed me to OR 4. It was like starring in ER or Grey’s Anatomy, all I saw is hospital ceiling lights, white and fast.

Still no sight of my doctors and my husband who was suddenly out of nowhere near me, I was brought to the table. Still unsanitized, they keep on telling me to close my legs and don’t push yet while I yell “where’s my husband??”. All I got was nurse Izza, Dr. Monica and a male House OB Dr. Lirazan. My husband was stuck outside the OR waiting for someone to give him scrubs and had a little wardrobe malfunction.

I remember Dr. Lirazan telling me that they cannot give me epidural because it’s already too late and I told him confidently that no, I don’t want it. Hooray!

Another contraction begin but this time I can really feel baby’s head down there so I asked politely if I can start pushing and they told yes, go ahead. So I pushed and then one more, I felt the doctor catching baby’s head, and another push I felt him twist the shoulders, baby’s out and my husband just got in the room. At 11:05 am, our baby was out.

I remember the feeling. I rejoiced and said out loud “what a relief!” and the doctor laughed. I asked if it’s a boy or a girl, my husband said “say it’s a boy” indeed, it’s our Miguel with an APGAR score of 9,9.

Doctor stitched me up a little because my previous tear, tore. Cleaned me up a little and then Dr. Luz who is supposed to deliver my baby came and laughed at how quick I was in labor so quick that they didn’t even got a chance to shave my perineal area. Good thing I took care of that the night before.

As they wheeled us to the recovery room, the nurses who came by to check us smiled at me and told me how lucky I was to be that quick in labor and that they were all there when they rushed me to the OR. It’s as if I went there to pee and poof, a baby came out!

I am so happy that I wasn’t in pain so much and everything literally happened so quick that nobody got to read my birth plan. But at least I had it the natural way and I must say God proved his point. I can plan all I can, take whatever road but his and only his decision will matter in the end.

Up to this day I still can’t believe that we have a son. A son that we’ve been praying for years and years. Nothing is really impossible!


P.S. Natural birth is so awesome that I recovered immediately and was able to walk right after our 3 hour stay in the recovery room.

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