Big people. Little People. Difficult people. Mediocre People.

Ever since we started going to the park, I have develop this habit of observing people — what they do, what they say, who they’re with. People watching, yeah, that’s what’s keeping me busy lately and in the past two weeks, I have gathered quite some thoughts that are worth writing.


One Sunday as we went to worship during the 12NN service, I found out that Miguel can now attend Sunday School. We would usually go to the Breastfeeding room as he would just sleep while I watch the live streaming but at his age right now he prefers to crawl and stand and play.

The room is filled with infants and toddlers (and for some reason, older kids) with one of their parents or guardian. I admire the teacher, she cheerfully danced and sang and told stories even if the kids aren’t paying attention. It was a nice atmosphere for the little ones but one guardian caught my attention. Miguel has an older playmate and was inside a plastic box playing with some balls and a toy guitar. This guardian of some other kid suddenly grabs the toy guitar from this little girl while she’s playing with it. Although she said “pahiram” (borrow), I still don’t think it’s okay for an adult to do that. I mean, it’s okay if the child is not holding or playing the toy. She could’ve just waited until the girl drops the toy or maybe she should have just let her kid get it himself if he really wanted it. There are plenty of toys in the room as well, what’s the rush?

Miguel’s first time in Sunday School
So I felt the need to go to the Breastfeeding room because Miguel will nurse. For the past 9 months that I have been opening (heavy) doors while pushing my (gigantic) stroller, someone finally noticed I was having a difficult time and helped me! She’s a mom as well with a child and is not a PWD because she saw and acted immediately. Thank God!

The Park

The park is a great place to watch people. You can tell stories about them with how they act. But apparently, I don’t have to. Since going to the park gives you the feeling of freedom, people’s true personality comes out.

Remember how sometimes I feel like my kids are the worst? Well, I am thankful they are not, not even the slightest. Ryry have been playing with different kids everyday, therefore different parents and different yayas.

Ryry picking up dead leaves.


  1. There are kids who would take the toys we brought and throw it in the construction site.
  2. Kids who let Ryry borrow their bike and when they want it back, they would hit Ryry and grab the bike from her.
  3. Kids who don’t return Ryry’s toys.
  4. Kids who would provoke Ryry to touch an angry dog.
  5. Kids who would make friends with her and then gets mad when Ryry make friends with others.


  1. There are zombie-yayas. Those who would just stand and stare at the kids.
  2. Yayas who don’t care even when their kid is hurting other kids.
  3. Yayas that interview or give details about their kid to strangers (like me).

Parents (ooh I like this section):

  1. There are moms who go there in their designer short dress and gets irritated when their child decides to run.
  2. Dads who drop off their kids with bikes or scooters then puts on their headphones and jog.
  3. Moms who constantly and annoyingly screams their child’s name: “Gabriel! Gabriel! Come here!” “Gabriel! Don’t do that!” “Gabriel! Don’t run!” “Gabriel! Finish your food!” “Gabriel! Let’s go home!”
  4. Parents who are always checking their phone.
  5. Parents who bring nice and expensive toys but won’t let their kid share it to others.
  6. Parents who let their yaya follow their 8 year old daughter wherever she goes and let her intervene while the child is playing.
  7. Parents who don’t seem happy to be just there.
  8. A jogger mom who I think is rich enough to afford all the gadgets she has and send her kid to an international school then all of a sudden screamed her daughter’s name when the child ran to the other side of the park. I literally heard her angry voice from the other end.

Around me

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you still probably remember my post about young boys who curse and curse while in the playground. Anyway, the more I go outside, the more I become aware that maybe, I am the only one who isn’t cursing.

Everywhere I go, whenever I pass by a crowd or sit across a bunch of people I hear them drop words as if cursing is so natural and acceptable especially when you are a parent who curses around your kid. Not nice.

In the park, teenagers in their uniform curse like there’s no tomorrow. How did it ever become like this? Why are some tagalog drama on TV allow scripts with bad words? Or radio stations play explicit version of songs? Did we become open to such behaviors or did I spend too much time indoors to be this naive?

I said I would take a picture of her but I really wanted to take a photo of the kids behind her who cursed and cursed.


I really like coordinating weddings. I feel like my OC-ness and weddings are meant to be. But with our past projects, we struggled.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Supposedly a 4PM wedding but Mr. Sun did not cooperate
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Lobby set-up

Last weekend my friend and I organized a wedding and it was very light. Why? The clients are easy to talk to and they trusted us. Sure we had to move the ceremony schedule 2 hours late because of the heat, but I did not hear any violent reaction from the guests. Everyone understood and participated even though there are not enough seats and air conditioning at the venue’s lobby. I praise God for this! I somehow expected guests come to me and shout at my face but no, they are good and patient people. I guess this is why happiness reflects on the couple.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

And then the people who surprises you…

Got to see Harpi in the hospital
And Choy at the park
Also Aspe
Trying to stand with one hand
He now loves to go out and ride his stroller

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