How to Make it Under One Paycheck

We are no Team Kramer or the Jolie-Pitts. Not a celebrity family who gets millions with just one photo. We are just a simple family of four living under one paycheck trying to make and enjoy our everyday.



“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

For the past 7 years I have seen how God worked in our lives. He has been our provider. October of 2014, Mike and I started PRAYING and looking for a house. We saw terrible ones and after 2 months we saw one that we considered but our hearts is not just in to it. Weeks after that, Mike’s cousin told us that there are houses for rent in their village but I negated the idea since their village is located in a good area near the central business district, we can never afford to live there.

Mike surprised me one day by visiting his cousin and checked out the house for rent just in front of theirs. Upon entering, I knew that this is it. A townhouse with 3 floors, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a car port. The only thing that’s stopping us is the advances the landlady is asking. we prayed for days and tried to negotiate and by God’s grace we were provided with the amount that we needed!

Paul said in his letter to the Philippians not to shy away from God when asking for something — big or small, do not be anxious. Either it’s a house, a car, a job, healing or just a good day that you want, lift it to the Lord. I find myself most of the time praying for Miguel to sleep 15 minutes more so I can finish a chore.

You might ask: if prayer then works, why didn’t I pray for us to own a dream house instead of just renting? Well that’s the original plan and we still have been praying for God to deliver us from the burden of paying rent but you must know that God gives us only what we can handle. We have learned to accept God’s will for us. After all a rented house is still better than nothing. I will remain faithful up until the day he gives more.

So we got the house, next are the things we need to survive. What are our PRIORITIES? 

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

We started with a couch, a monobloc table, 22in TV, a fridge, washing machine all given/lent to us by our family. The only one we bought was a king size mattress (yes we still don’t have a bed frame!) because that’s the only thing we can afford. Logically speaking, we don’t and can’t have too much things in our house because Miguel is in a phase where he was just learning to stand and walk and discover the world around him. Less was best for us that time.

Miguel during the time we were moving in



Through prayers, we welcomed our 2016 with a new dining table and additional and functional furniture and decors.

It’s never bad to have a lot. To have the things you always wanted. But if those things will pull you away from what is essential in life then that’s where the problem begins. We were once taught by our Ninong on how you can remember the important things in life: God being number 1 (SEE IMAGE BELOW).


I also made up this argument to stop me whenever I wanted to buy something that is not included in the budget: “will I die not having this?” If the answer is NO, I don’t buy it and wait until I have extra money. I realized that usually, the things that I wanted are just so I can feed my humanly desires.

Set your priorities and goals. Make a list of what you (really) need and your wants. Pray for God’s provision and be contented on what he gives. My husband drives an old, small car. A 1993 Honda civic hatchback to be exact. Yes, 2 door car and we fit ourselves in it and yes I would like to think sometimes that the car is an inconvenience but positively thinking it gives us way convenience than those people lining up at the taxi bay one rainy payday Friday. The car gets us where we needed to be. Sure, we pray for a new one sometimes but if a brand new car does not come along, it’s alright. The kids will grow up anyways to the point that we won’t be bringing them with us all the time. That day where it’s just going to be me and Mike once again.

Prove to the Lord that you are worthy of the little things he is giving you for him to be able to give you big ones.

Did I mention we don’t have a house help? It wasn’t really our best option but since we are living with one paycheck, we cannot risk having another head in our household.

But I am blessed and proud to have a husband who does dirty tasks with me. He does not mind wiping soiled bottoms or washing the dishes for me. We have TEAMWORK.


I remember when Ryry was still a baby and I was still working, Mike having a night shift job and I on the other hand has the 9-6, there were times that we don’t have a nanny so I would wait for Mike to come home before I leave for work and vice versa to take care of our child.

Basically from day one we did not depend on helpers knowing they come and go. We made a pact that parenting is a shared task.

Right now, Mike is the only one who is working and I dedicate my time to be with the kids and attend to their needs each day. But this doesn’t mean my husband don’t help with the chores. He’s in charge with cleaning when he comes home at night and during weekends he takes care of the kids while I do heavy chores.


(God willing I will share to you how I do my chores with 2 kids on my next blog post!)

And to be honest I think it’s only here in the Philippines where people expect you to automatically have a helper where in fact in other countries they do everything by themselves and still they make it.

But I’m not shutting the idea of having a helper one day, in fact I always think how light my load would be if I have one. Maybe God will bless us one soon but until then I believe it’s also a good example for the kids to see us do everything on our own because they get to be responsible with some tasks too.

All in all, one year of independence  turned out pretty well. Especially when you hear your friends say that their goal in life is to be like me — a housewife, someone who will dedicate full time at home nurturing the kids.

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'” Matthew 19:26

It is not easy but everything is possible.

I remember a friend of mine motivated me to fully leave and cleave and I keep telling her that with what Mike is earning, we cannot do it. She re assured me that you can make it just go and check your finances and adjust what is needed to be adjusted and you will survive. Three years forward, here we are, making it, day by day. Be confident.


A pastor once said that it is not important how well you start in life, what matters is that you finish well.

So what is stopping you?

115 thoughts on “How to Make it Under One Paycheck

  1. You just have given me hope and inspiration. I am due to give birth on April and I have been worrying non stop on how I will be able to go back to work after my mat leave. This has been causing me insomnia and anxiety attacks. It would be hard for us to live with just my husband’s paycheck. But I guess with determination and some sacrifices, maybe I too, can do what you have bravely done.


      1. Hi good day im so inspired with your story because me too i am a fulltime mom but my husband always there to support me he do the laundry every weekend and also washing the dishes,,, but financially we cant afford to buy anything but i feel so blessed because i have two kids and a loving husband maybe someday we can afford to buy our own house and have business 😊🙏


  2. I have read your blog and inspiring. For an OFW like us I think this is an eye-opener for me and my husband. Would you mind If I share this? God bless

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw this post by Arc Chua my co manager in Mcdo before, and I said okay let’s give it a shot. then Viola! seems the answer I’ve been searching for with The guidance of God


  3. This is a very good read, especially for me and my wife, being newly weds. Being able to relate and learn from your experiences is just amazing. Thank you!


  4. This is so inspiring, Nouelle! I hope this write up will reach more young couples out there. So many of them can and will relate to your experience. 😊😊😊 I’m a witness at how God worked in you and Mike’s life. He is faithful.😊😊😊


  5. I so agree with this 🙂 ive been a full time housewife for8yrs now and we have three kids. GOD has definitely been a faithul provider. Our needs have always been met. Im glad too that our kids have learned to find joy in simple things and be content too. Ive managed to manage the home with no helper eversince. And all is sustained by Gods amazing grace 🙂


  6. Thank you for giving me the much needed boost to my self-confidence through this blog post. Moving out is causing me so much anxiety, primarily because it is so hard to step out of our comfort zones, especially with a 1 year old in tow. I realized through your blog though is that I am blessed beyond measures. Thanks again!


  7. You are an inspiration. I’m starting to feel depressed that owning a home would be impossible for us. Seems like timing and resources aren’t always on our side. Like you, we’re still renting. But you gave me a new angle to look at it. Knowing I’m not alone, and with your positive spirit, who am I to complain? And hat’s off to you for being a full time mom. Something i want but couldn’t afford to do for now. Thanks for your story! 😊


  8. Thinking of giving up my job for my 2 kids too. I’m just afraid of some financial issues. Is it hard for you to give up your job? Thanks!


    1. There were series of events that made my decision of leaving the corporate world solid, so I can’t really say it was hard. Maybe just on the part that sometimes I miss earning my own money and being around adults most of the time. But nothing compares to the joy of being always present to the kids ☺️


      1. My wife and I were struggling financially when we both had jobs.
        Despite this. Almost 2 years ago, my wife left the corporate world to become a full time mom.

        Who in their right mind would leave a job when you are still struggling right?

        We took the Leap of Faith.
        Did not have a Plan B. We just prayed to God.
        Here we are surviving. almost 2 years after, also living under 1 source of income.

        Having battles with negative thoughts every day, But GOD is more powerful.
        We will get through this. We’ll have our own house soon. Be Financially Abundant and Spiritually Empowered.
        In Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Amen


  9. Hi MRS. S thank you for this wonderful blog of yours. A real inspiration because we are in the same situation. I am leaving abroad, married to a foreign husband and leaving in one pay check. I used to work and now a stay-at-home mom really rocked my world. Nevertheless, I am happy seeing my kid grow right before my eyes. Looking forward for your new post.


  10. This is such a good read. I almost cried while reading it. I was a working mom and decided to quit my job 2 months ago. I was so hesitant at first because we have a lot of expenses to pay, believe me, the list goes on and on and on. I am currently working from home but I don’t think this setup is working for us. I work at night and I barely get the chance to sleep in the morning, no household help here as well.

    Your blog made me realize a lot of things and one of them is to PRAY. 🙂


  11. Thank you for enlightening me. I was just asking God if I should apply for a new job or stay with the kids at home. Maybe this is His way of answering me. Stay at home, spend less on some things and see the kids grow. God really works in mysterious ways. God bless!


  12. We also live with just one paycheck, though we’re still living with my husband’s family. Hopefully in the near future, in God’s will, we’ll be able to have our own place, kahit na rent lang. 🙂 Thank you for such an inspiring post! God bless 🙂


  13. We also live in just one paycheck, though we’re still living with my husband’s family. Hopefully in the near future, in God’s will, we’ll be able to have our own place, kahit na rent lang. 🙂 Thank you for sharing such an inspiration post! God bless! 🙂


  14. Thank you for inspiring me even though I don’t have a family of my own yet. 🙂 I am not yet married, but I have a fiance and we’re planning to get married two years from now. For the past few days, we are anxious and getting depressed because of the money that we still need to save up, not just for the wedding but for our other committed future expenses. After reading your blog, it made me realize to just trust in the Lord that He will always provide what is really meant for us. Even though we only have little now, these “little” things are the “important” things that the Lord knows that we need. All that is happening is according to His wonderful plans. 🙂 (Jer. 3:11). May you continue to inspire and remind others of God’s love for all of us. Thank you so much, Ms. Nouelle Anne. 🙂


  15. Hi there, your story is inspiring. I do agree with you that with God nothing is impossible. We are here to please God and do his will. All the material things come and go but God stays forever. Keep the faith. God bless you and you family.


  16. Thank you for posting this. My wife and I have gone through a similar ordeal of having no househelp and renting our own place. Every staring out family should know that they are not the only ones who had to endure this. Singles should know that they have enough time and money on their hands which should be used to glorify God and to share with those who lack.


    1. You know I have been dying to write something about singlehood. Because some of my single friends are such in a hurry to settle down sometimes they become exhausted already. Thank you for reminding me! 😊


  17. What an inspiring post! 🙂 It really boils down to our priorities. When I got married, I also left my full time job and chose to believe in God’s promise and provision. We got our own house right away (bought it while still engaged). We weren’t sure if we’d be able to afford these things too. But God had been faithful to us through the years. We now have our own house and lot. We have a new SUV, which replaced my husband’s old car. We still have 1 condo unit which we rent out for passive income. We lived on one paycheck for 8 years! It’s amazing how God can flood us with favors and exceed our expectations when we choose to believe in Him! 🙂 We didn’t receive the things we prayed for right away. But in God’s perfect time, He gave them all to us! 🙂 Keep the faith!


  18. We, too, are living under one pay check. It cover expenses for my husband, me and our two girls. It also includes food for my dad and brother as we are living in my dad’s house. It’s a 3-storey house with two bedrooms that has their own toilet & bath, a third bedroom good for a single person and a common toilet and bath. Me and my husband decided to live with my dad who’s been a widow for 6 years now. We also pay for my brother’s school fees. I am just amazed how God always provides for our needs.


  19. I came across with this blog but i also want to encourage you that God is not a God of getting only or meeting only our needs. Jesus said that i am here to give you life and life more abudantly if you didnot experience it then keep on believing and declare the things that you want to have. I remember years ago i said to God, Lord you said i am the head and not the tail that i will not borrow money but lend it.. Then keep on declaring it suddenly oppurtunity of work came with good pay then i pay my car cash… I wash shock! That God is teaching me the same thing he speaks in Genesis let there be light… And he said i am with you 🙂 whatever you ask in my name i will do it :). I believe your family will attain it in Jesus name 🙂 keep on believing and declaring it because God is with your family, God wants not only for us to meet our needs but to have life more abudantly.. 🙂


  20. Reading this blog is just right on time for me and my hubby. Im working and he is working. What’s stopping us to leave and cleave is our 5 year old daughter whom my mom takes care of when i am at work and my husband has to sleep during the day as he works at night. Other financial commitments are also what stops us from leaving our comfort zone. Sometimes I get depressed because Im running out of options on how to get bigger paycheck or other source of income. I do not want to go abroad (my chances are better than my husband as I am in the diagnostic field) because I want to be with my daughter as she grows up. So, this means that aside from working on it, my hiaband and I need to pray for God’s provision and just be confident that we’ll get by. Thank you for your very inspiring blog. 😊


  21. Hi. Your family may be the same as mine. I got 6 year old daughter, and an 8 month old boy. Thank you, thank you for your blog. Now really, I can sleep. My husband and I have been worrying about our finances. And we do not just worry about every day we worry too much because both of our kids are asthmatic/sickly. Their medicines just brushes off our budget every time. I am now hunting for a job to be done at home. Like you, I have a big faith that I can do all things with God’s permission. My assistant (for the chores) will be leaving by the end of Feb and I am so worried that if I get hired to any job I am applying for, how will things be. But I am putting my faith in it. Trying to be strong. Trying to smile in front of my kids though things are not really that easy. Oh well, again thank you for your blog. Thank God that He has led me to your site. I’m sure He used you to answer my worries. He’ll bless you more. For you deserve every great blessing in the world. I’ll be praying for you and your whole family. Thank you again. You’re an angel. 😍


    1. Wow such big words Francesca! Thank you so much you made me teary eyed today. Our kids are sickly too, with asthma. But surprisingly, God provides in mysterious ways and he will also to you. God bless you!


  22. this is so inspiring and motivating! perfect read…hope my husband reads this, not sure how to share this with him verbally or digitally (email,fb or tweet) without an argument after hahaha pls pray for us!

    good luck to you and your family!


  23. I’m so proud of you supermom Nouelle!:) this is such an inspiring and humbling experience and exactly what I needed. Wish I could also be the kind of nurturing mom that you are to my kid and future kids:) Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and I’m certain that your blog will hit that million mark:))


  24. Thanks for this inspiring blog.
    We are in a very similar situation.
    It is good to know that we are not alone, and that GOD is always with us


  25. You are so lucky to have a husband like him in the same way that he is lucky to have you as his wife. Great team work. Yes…you are right! Keep on praying! If people can’t handle how to wait and have patience…how can they handle the big dreams they’ve been asking God? Your blog is an inspiration to people to keep on praying….never loose hope…..and move forward. Keep it up! 🙂


  26. Congratulations! This was a good read. I too am a “full time” house with no helper here abroad (with 3 kids…yayas can get really expensive here)… actually I just wanted to agree with you na kung iisipin and gagawan ng paraan kaya naman talaga. You’re right na parang naging normal na lang sa Pinas na everyone needs a helper. It’s good to know there are hard working moms like you in the Philippines! Anyway, good luck and may God bless you and your family more!


    1. Sometimes nga I feel discriminated when people react na “wala kang yaya?!” As if I am a terrible mother not to have one. But having none gave me so much learning and I get to observe my kids plus I lost a lot of weight!


  27. Your marriage is a perfect testimony how God been faithful to your life. I’m grateful working with Sir Mike. He is indeed a humble son of God.

    Glory to God.


  28. Hi Nouelle! Great read. I’d like to sharemy dad’s testimony about leaving and cleaving. When I was born my parents lived in my paternal grandparents’ home. My dad’s mentor told him the concept of leaving and cleaving and at first he thought he couldn’t make it work either. He was paying some credit card debt and if he had to rent a home, pay for his own utilities and buy his own groceries, he figured he won’t be able to pay off the credit card. But he held on to God’s word and followed it. He was able to pay off the debt, he was promoted at work, and we were blessed with a new family member, my younger sister.

    What this taught me was even if something seems illogical according to common sense, if it’s God’s Word, it will all work out in the end.


  29. Hi! I really find your story very inspiring and in fact very timely. It has opened me to perhaps reflect again and renew my faith. Sometimes, when you’re too preoccupied, you tend to pray less. And this blog has taught me to pray more and believe more. Indeed nothing is impossible with Him. Thank you for sharing this. God bless u more.


  30. hi ms.noulle, your story is worth to read. Im a working mom, and have two kids also. Me and my husband are working together to meet the nèeds of our family, but sometimes its so stressful when your budget does not meet..same with you also we set our priority to what is important. But with the help of prayer and guidance of our creator, all things are possible, never give up, because in every battle there is always victory..thank you so much for inspiring us with your story! Godbless☺


  31. Nouelle Anne,

    This blog post reminds me so much of my GF who taught me to live within my means. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Vic Madriaga from Cagayan de Oro


  32. I am so inspired by your post, it even made me cry! I am a working mom, but since I gave birth to our son it has always been a constant battle with myself whether I should quit my job and be a SAHM. I have cried a lot of times already especially when I feel so exhausted from my job, and wanting so much the feeling to take care and be with my son 24/7. But no matter how many times I try to calculate our monthly expenses, I can never imagine how we will ever make it through if only my husband will be the one working. I hope someday I will be as brave as you and take the leap. 🙂


  33. I am not sure how I was even led to reading your blog, but I sure am happy I came across your post! I left the corporate world last year, took that leap of faith and just trusted that things will work out as God has planned. Like you, my husband and I try to focus on what’s important. It’s not easy, especially with a 4yr old, but God has been a great Provider, showering us with grace and blessings along the way! Thank you for this very inspiring post. This is a great reminder for me to always be thankful and to never doubt what God can do for our lives. Thank you!!


  34. Reading this is one of the most wonderful things I’ve experienced this morning (next to my devotion), considering all the “trash” we see in the net. God bless you and your family and I will continue to pray for your provision! Such an inspiration! One day I plan to give up my corporate career to be a full time mother and wife to a loving, God-fearing family. Offer everything to God first and He will make sure your vats will overflow. Have a lovely day ahead!


  35. Please pray for me.

    For 13 years, I worked in a highly stressful environment. Last year I got married and my husband asked me to stop working since the company is assigning me to a different region which did not sit well with my husband. Now, I am a stay at home wife, we dont have kids and he is away every 5 weeks for 5 weeks at a time.

    Now I am living a life that my friends envy (accdg to them). But I want to do something productive. My husband said as long as I wont spend too much time outside the home, he is ok with it.

    I am thinking of joining a friend in his business venture. Or I want to find work that would keep me excited but would not require too much of my time. Please help me pray for guidance.


  36. Wow! What an inspiration! I was so worried and torn because me and my husband are hesitant to leave my daughter in a daycare once I get back to work. Actually we have one year maternity/parental leave here in Canada but with all the stories I have heard about babies getting hurt or not attended well by caregivers, those situations scare me. My husband really wanted me to quit my job and stay at home to take care my daughter instead of leaving her to daycare. I was just worried because of the expenses. If both of us are working, his paycheck will go for our bills and rent and mine will just go to daycare. I am asking and seeking the Lord for wisdom on this matter. And reading your post really inspired me. Will def let my husband read this. God bless.


  37. Hi! You are such an inspiration 🙂 I left the corporate world last 2013, and it wasn’t easy. But for 3 years, God has never failed to sustain us. I have had several online jobs and I’m now currently managing an online shop in Facebook. That is how we manage all the expenses. Plus, I am now homeschooling my son. Are you considering homeschooling your kids, too? God bless you!


  38. We recently move in to our new home last January 8. And yes, were making it! It’s never easy but it’s totally worth it. Thank you for being an inspiration.


  39. hi,please pray for me.We are currently living at my mom’s house she’s a widow and a bit clingy to me. Sometimes it affects my relationship with my husband as she can be a bit judgemental.I really want to leave and cleave to try being just us without any judgement.I am also a stay at home mom but now i’ve been thinking of going back to work to hopefully make ends meet.I feel sad because I love being with my daughter everyday and yet my mom sees it as a waste of talent. You inspired me to always believe and trust that God will always provide and he will sustain us.


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