Beauty Haul for a Busy Mama

“45 minutes, guys!” That’s what my husband would always shout every Sunday morning as we get ready for Church. Forty five minutes seems to be long enough if you are single but if you’re a mother like me, this amount of time is just like a blink of an eye! I’m not sure what I am doing or not doing that even if I wake up at 5, we were always rushing every week trying to beat the time while making sure everyone looks presentable.

Dressing up kids is one of my worst nightmares. Apparently negotiating for them to get in the shower up to wearing their underwear takes longer than the Sunday service itself thus leaves me very little time to fix myself. I am already a pro when it comes to wearing Pajamas or at least that’s what the world thinks about SAHMs. If you must know, I’m a make-up hoarder and Sunday is my best excuse to fill on those eyebrows and paint them lips because…why not!

Since it’s International Women’s Day, whether you are single, married or a SAHM with 6 kids, I would like to share with you some of the products I’ve tested, love and help me get ready under pressure.

Although nothing can ever replace proper diet, regular exercise and enough sleep, it is never bad to use products to help you achieve beautiful skin and look as radiant as the 16 year old you. Since the birth of my son, I became more conscious on what I put on my skin (breastfeeding mom right here!) so I make sure to check the ingredients and sometimes, even email the brand to double check if the items are safe. As much as possible, I try to use natural, organic, honest products.

Let’s start with cleansing…

1. Lumiere Organiceutical’s 24K Gold Soap with Gooseberry & Collagen 


A facial soap plays an important role in taking care of your skin. It can make you or break you. Some commercial soap dries my face easily and some does not remove impurities at all. Lately I noticed my skin is becoming dull, dry with frequent acne breakouts. I have to find something that will match me but is also gentle.

What I love about 24K Gold with Gooseberry and Collagen soap is that it deeply cleanses my skin and leaves no make up residue without making me dry. Gooseberry is full of vitamin C which helps my pimple problems while Collagen instantly brightens my dull skin. I’ve been using the soap for almost 2 months now and used only half of it. And should we mention the 24K Gold?

Get it from BeautyMNL for P380. 

2. Skin Genie’s Facial Scrub Epsom Salt


Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with microscopic pores. We need to scrub our face twice a week to remove dead skin and particles that clogs our pores to have more healthy, glowing skin.

What I love about this Epsom Salt Scrub is that it is not rough on skin unlike other scrubs available on the market. It also comes in the most relaxing minty scent (and feel)!

Get it from BeautyMNL for P250.

Now we’ve got the cleansing covered, time to moisturize and protect the skin…

1. ByNature Products’ Facial Oil in One Keeping it Smooth

oil in one

ByNature Products has the most honest skincare line ever! I love how their oil based products are non greasy and very effective. This Facial Oil In One is my favorite night time moisturizer. I just apply enough amount on my face and let it sit overnight not worrying about the stain it will  leave on my pillows. Wake up with smoother, softer, moisturized (not oily at all!) skin. Another thing, all their products have an amazing scent!

If a dry, sensitive face is not just your problem, also try their Oilotion for your entire body. I was very satisfied with this product because it helped my son recover from his eczema — Yes! Their products are safe for the entire family even the little ones.

Get it from ByNature Products for P290.

PS, Darlene is super accommodating! Love her!

2. CosRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50


I was never a fan of Korean products until I tried this. Do you know your skin type? All the while I thought I have an oily skin and it was just recently that I found out I have a Combination Type of skin. A type of skin where it is oily on your T zone and dry/flaky on the sides with occasional pimple breakouts.

I did not like putting on moisturizer during daytime as it leaves my skin super oily and sweaty after an hour but since I discovered this Aloe Sun Cream, I am never leaving the house without it! This one is super light as if your not wearing anything. It doesn’t whiten your skin given that it has high amount of SPF. My skin doesn’t feel and look oily, it smells super good and the best part is, it tames the redness or irritations on my face.

Although this one is a little pricey, I have a good feeling it will last for months if used properly.

Get it from BeautyMNL.

Done prepping your beautiful skin, are you ready to add a little oomph to it?

1. Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Even Finish FoundationIMG_4510

As I’ve said, I was not blessed with microscopic pores and there are times I need to cover my flaws. You can opt to wear or not to wear foundation depending on the occasion you are attending. I just like to rave about this product because it blends well to my skin. It is not matte nor cakey type. Super light as if you are not covered! I wear the lighter shade during daytime and the slightly darker during nighttime especially if attending special occasions. And yes, it lasts!

If you like to have full coverage as in airbrush like make up, use Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques.

Bobbi Brown is widely available at major department stores and malls.

2. Kilay is Life


Aside from my pores, I also have a Kilay (eyebrow) problem. As they’ve said, your eyebrow is the crown of your face. It enhances your beauty. So whether you choose to put on foundation or lipstick, your Kilay should always be on fleek!

eyebrow 2

It took me awhile to discover the best products for me. I gave in to what most local celebrities are using and it did not disappoint!

In finding the best Kilay products, it’s important to know which ones matches the pigment of your hair and which ones will not make it look like fake. I love K-Palette’s 3Way long lasting eyebrow pencil as it gives me just what I’m looking for. I finish the look with Shu Uemura’s eyebrow manicure to hold the strands and be always on fleek.

If you’re as serious as me when it comes to Kilay on Fleek, get this tip: do not pluck your eyebrows! L’oreal PH Artist Gex Garcia told me it’s always better to shave it or have it thread or waxed. Plucking can cause shock to our nerves and can make eyebrows thinner and sometimes even bald.

Since I don’t have time to have it thread, I invested on good shaver from Beauty Bar. A little bit pricey than most drugstore shavers but it lasts longer and has precision in grooming those wild kilays. You can also opt in using brow stencils for practice.

Grooming Tip: before grooming, fill your brows first then shave the excess hair for a precise shape!

K-Palette Products are widely available at SM Department Stores and Beauty Bar.

Get Shu Uemura’s Eyebrow Manicure at BeautyMNL.

3. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder


Sebum is the oil our pores are releasing. Another Korean product that captured me is this one. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder keeps my face oil free, smelling good and is all natural.

innis free 2

If you are looking for a powder that will hide imperfections, this one is not for you (the brand sells one that offers full coverage though). I wasn’t really looking for a powder with full coverage. I like light products that will just brightens my face for day use. Some powders make my skin itchy and will leave me with rashes, this one doesn’t!

Get it from BeautyMNL for P375.

4. MAC Cosmetics’ Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

velvet teddy

Seriously, I think this is the only lipstick that will make any girl feel satisfied! I love MAC because of the rich pigment, texture and long lasting wear. This lippy is in matte texture but doesn’t crack your lips and even if I eat or drink, the color doesn’t just wear off.

The shade is also perfect as it blends well to any skin tone. Very subtle for busy Mamas out there!

Get it at MAC Cosmetics Stores near you.

Finally, to finish your look in 5 minutes…

BeachBorn Sea Salt Spray


Didn’t understand what this is for until I read the reviews. I have super straight, flat hair. Without this product I feel like my hair is dead. As a replacement to chemical infused hair products, I use this one to add up some volume to my bobs.

Just 3 spritz on your towel dried hair, either fan dry, blow dry, curl them, or leave your locks as it is, it will do its job! Best part— 100% Natural.

Get it from BEACHBORN for P180.

There you have it! Beauty simplified with a few items to stash that is useful for all seasons.

PS, My advice to SAHMs out there, if you’re feeling a little down, take those brushes and pink lippies out, give the kids to your partner and never feel guilty of treating yourself with a little make-up. Feel beautiful, be beautiful! Happy International Women’s Day loves! ❤

(NOTE: True what they say that beauty is an investment and we are all accountable in taking care of ourselves, whether you’re a working gal or a stay-at-home mom. Although there are times that you would feel like this is just vanity, never ever buy fake products. Sacrificing beauty for cost should not be an option. Know what’s inside those bottles and only buy at trusted stores.)

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