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Blood Type Diet

When Miguel was born, he was yellow-ish just like any other newborns because as we all know a baby’s liver needs some time adjusting, but his lasted for weeks which alarmed us and our pediatrician. He had jaundice. Our doctor then asked us about our blood types, Mike couldn’t answer at that time because he didn’t know and on the other hand I was confident saying mine is O+. I thought it’s a proud moment because we were taught that type O is the most common and easiest blood type to find but then our doctor panicked as she ordered blood testing for our 2 week old baby.

She explained to us that although people with type O are considered universal donors, it will never be compatible with people with blood type B and so she fears that Miguel carries the blood type. She told us that prior or upon giving birth, your doctors, nurses must be well informed of this so they can immediately give the proper care for you and your baby.

This was the step we missed! You all know how Mike and I vigilantly prepared for our son’s arrival. How much research we made, classes we took so that everything goes perfectly (but of course God has His ways to let us know He is who He is). Thankfully, Mrs. Sun healed our little boy naturally (our pedia advised us to extend sun exposure in the afternoon).


Our battle with Miguel’s blood type didn’t end there. A couple of months after, we noticed rashes on his legs. They were very red and looked very itchy. My sister in law told me to try removing chicken and other poultry products from my diet since I was breastfeeding at that time. It was the same rash that his son had every time she would eat chicken. That is when our natural medicine pediatrician diagnosed Miguel with eczema. Dr. Chen, our pediatrician, gave us a lecture about it. She specifically said that eczema is rooted to a problem in our intestines and most people think it’s just a skin disease. I love how she opted to cure the root and not just what the naked eye can see. So she gave us natural medicines to be administered to Miguel, fish oil and probiotics to strengthen the walls of the intestine, Mustela Stelatopia products to relieve the flaring and burning sensation Miguel is feeling (yes, eczema hurts!). But my biggest surprise was, she prescribed a book! A book that proves there are certain diets for each blood types and it says that people with blood type B should remove chicken from their diet. So I went chicken free for the entire time that I was breastfeeding Miguel.


For 3 years I have been telling people about this book but my lazy self refused to read it until today. I was curious about my own diet and to my surprise I found out truths about how my body reacts to certain food. It’s like you have just discovered yourself after living for 20+++ years.


As I’ve mentioned I’m a type O and here’s my discovery about food…

“Blood Type O may be predisposed to certain illnesses, such as ulcers and thyroid disorders…simple carbohydrates, especially from grains, are more easily converted into fats and triglycerides…avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine can be particularly harmful because of its tendency to raise adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are already high for Type O’s.”

About stress…

“The legacy of your Type O ancestry causes an immediate “fight or flight” response in people of this blood type. However, this finely tuned response to stress, so vital in early Type O’s, is not always so beneficial in modern times. The Type O response can cause bouts of excessive anger, temper tantrums, hyperactivity and even create a severe enough chemical imbalance to bring about a manic episode…Type O is more vulnerable to destructive behaviors when overly tired, depressed or bored. These can include gambling, sensation seeking, risk taking, substance abuse and impulsivity.”

About exercise…

“The Type O who exercises regularly also has a better emotional response. You are more emotionally balanced as a result of well regulated, efficient chemical transport system. More than any other blood type, O’s rely on physical exercise to maintain physical health and emotional balance.”

I fell on the chair reading this.

So this is the reason why even when I keep my rice intake to a max of 1 cup a day, I still blow up like a balloon. Or when I have more than a cup of coffee, my tummy acts up. My mom who has the book and shares the same blood type was diagnosed with thyroid issues a while back. And why I am prone to having tantrums and I easily get irritated? Because it’s in my blood! How about over spending? I thought I just really have problems with shopping, but no, it’s a result of stress. Lastly, true what it says about how physical exercise changes my mood. Every time I run I feel happy. Like literally smiles through the day. This learning is amazing!

I have also read about type B and it matches my husband’s characteristics too! A few friends have read theirs as well and told me how much they learned about themselves through this new discovery. It is indeed nice to actually know more about ourselves and how we can take care of our body. After all, it’s God’s temple.

And before we get too legalistic about this, I am not in any way putting science above God. As Mike would always say, yes we are created in God’s own image and likeness, He also made studies possible, knowledge to be exact, for human being to learn from it and use it to glorify Him. If I may add, Dr. Harold Sala once told that God created each and everyone of us uniquely. Which I think is the most perfect reason why we should never stop learning about ourselves and how we can improve each day.

Before I forget, the book is called Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr.Peter J. D’Adamo. There’s also free online articles for each blood type available here: 4 Your Type

Let me know if you discover something new about yourself too!

One thought on “Blood Type Diet

  1. that’s interesting. i heard about this theory before and i believe i read a couple of articles about it on what particular foods to eat and/or avoid based on my blood type and apparently, there’s A LOT! i wasn’t happy about that so i quit reading. lol.


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