Life Lessons

Lost My Dog, Found Some Friends.

Can you imagine a world without trust? A world where you constantly fear that you will get cheated on so you kind of decide that everything and everyone is just evil? Well, I did. I’ve lost my faith in humanity and I had to lose my dog to finally regain it.

What I love the most about the littlest member of our family, Twix, a 7-year old Chihuahua, is that he is low maintenance. And because he is an indoor dog and has short coat, we seldom have problems with grooming except lately when the Philippines started receiving tremendous amount of rain. Since we were having a hard time giving him a bath and walking him to do his “business”, we decided to put him in his cage which I am very sure he detests. And to show his strong emotions about our decision, we found his cage open one Tuesday morning but no Twix in sight.

Normally, when he escapes from his leash (which he does professionally like those acrobatic guys who pop their bones in different directions) and goes out of our gate, he would come back sitting by the front door like nothing happened or a neighbour would bring him home. But that day was not one of those days. My husband calmly went out to look for him but nada! So I went out to look for him too thinking that moms are very good detectives, confident enough I would find him, but still, nothing! I knew it was time to look further. I went out the village, asked the guards, asked the people at the different establishments outside—but no one saw him. My heart started to beat a little faster and my mind started to imagine crazy things. WHERE IS MY DOG?!

What our eyes missed, the CCTVs captured, right? That was our best bet that time but the administration’s office doesn’t open until 9 in the morning and it was only 8. Believe me, that was the longest 60 minutes of our lives! We couldn’t do anything for the time being but to think of the possible things that might have happened to him. Where did he go? Who took him? Is he still alive? When the clock hit 9, we all went to the office to watch the cameras but to our greatest surprise, CCTVs were damaged by the typhoon. GREAT.

Once again we have no lead.

This time, I knew we had to widen our search if we really wanted to find Twix or at least know what happened to him. I posted online and printed ‘lost dog’ signs and put them up at the Barangay hall and establishments near our place.

Why is my dog so important.

If you are a pet lover, you wouldn’t ask this question. But for the sake of the argument on why my family went to extremes finding this dog, it’s because I believe that all living things have a greater purpose than just being in the food chain. And if you are an ethical person, you would take care of your possessions in your best ability because again, ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM GOD AND WE ARE THE STEWARDS OF HIS CREATION.

Twix is more than a pet. He has been with us for almost 8 years now through all the moving of houses and challenges in our life. He never chewed a shoe or annoyingly barked at every sound he hears. He would sleep through the night and would not move especially if he’s beside you. He’s loyal and would bite those who posed a threat. He’s a smart dog who just wants to be cuddled all the time—and cuddling is proven to be very good to humans as it prolongs life. Also, he’s cute, end of discussion. 😅

Don’t lose hope.

That Tuesday when Twix did not come back and we haven’t heard anything even after I asked around and posted his photos in our Barangay, I wanted to just give up and let it go, start mourning. But then we received a call very early on Wednesday from the owner of the fresh market just outside the village telling us that they might have seen Twix pass by the day before. They gave us the idea to ask for the CCTV footage from the bank right beside them. Well of course that wasn’t easy as pie but we did go out again and asked around some more until we’ve come to the last piece of our lost dog sign. Mike, all of a sudden, turned to the neighbouring  condominium taking a chance if they knew something. AND THEY DID!

The guard on duty could not seem to tell us exactly what he knows with all the smizing and scratching of his head. But he told us that the dog they saw on Tuesday morning might be Twix and he will get in touch with the driver who knows his location and will ask him to call us within the day. We were very hopeful that this could be it!

Hopeful, but not very far away, we passed by a dead animal along the road and Mike freaked out a little because it looked like Twix! We were very eager to know for sure if that was really him so we turned around, braved the heavy traffic and as we slowed down, Mike was 90% sure it was Twix. It was very difficult to confirm since the dead animal was cut into half and we can’t see the face. But the spots are exactly like his until Ryry shouted that Twix doesn’t have pink paws. True, he has black. Phew! Thank God for that!

It was past 4 in the afternoon and we were still waiting anxiously for a phone call. Honestly, we thought we won’t be receiving anything anymore until the phone rang and indeed, it was the call that we have been waiting for!

Kuya Richard Dela Cruz, the driver in the condominium beside our village, told us that he saw Twix the previous morning and how he almost got hit by a motorcycle along the road. He mentioned Twix looked scared, hungry and was soaking wet so he decided to pick him up but since he couldn’t bring him where he’s working, he gave it to someone else but assured me that Twix is safe and was fed.

Couple of hours later, we got in touch with the family who took him in. Jhonie and Sarah Leonen brought Twix home with no hesitations because they felt compassionate towards him. They gave him shelter and kept him safe. Finally, my heart is at peace.

Jhonie and Sarah with Twix ❤️

I am happy to announce that we have brought Twix home and I am currently watching him be his introvert self by hiding under the sofa not wanting any interaction.

Don’t Judge!

Why in the world is this story worth an entry on my blog? Though it was a challenging week, I and my family chose to learn something from it. My biggest flaw, and I am very open about this, is that I am quick to judge. As my husband would always say, I have a very creative imagination and that I should pursue being a film director.

As much as I would like to think positively, it was very hard when you hear a lot of voices say “It’s probably the garbage collectors who took him,” “That looks like a very expensive dog, you probably won’t see him again,” “That’s a very small dog, easy to just put in the car and run away.” I would never accuse innocent people but I am also not going to lie that I didn’t think of these comments to be true. In my head, I have somehow decided that someone intentionally took my dog.

It didn’t just stop there. While waiting for Kuya Richard and Sarah’s call, there were hesitations if they are really telling the truth. But I decided that if I will trust, I will trust all the way even if I don’t have any proof if the dog they really picked up is Twix. I was just holding on to their word. It’s true that it is very difficult to trust strangers but it is also possible that there are still people out there who do good things while not expecting anything in return.

Kuya Richard, Jhonie and Sarah were heroes that day. They saved a life, and we will be forever thankful to these people.

Grateful Hearts!

Despite this trial, my heart is overflowing with gratefulness. I believe I needed this challenge this week because of two things: 1. I felt like my efforts were being overlooked lately; 2. I needed to find goodness in everything.

The minute I posted on Facebook about losing my dog, a lot of people shared it, sent their prayers, love and concern for our family. Most of it are my Millenial friends. I really intended to use the term to make a point that not all Millenials are entitled, selfish, and rude. They are just more aware (thanks, internet!) of what is ethical and are not afraid to express their feelings. And they say that Millenials could not live without the internet and are always on their gadgets, well, I thank God you were on it that day I posted because you became my source of encouragement!

And to the other half who does not fall on the generation mentioned above, please know that my family and I, we appreciate you as well. Thank you for all your efforts!

My daughter also learned firsthand that prayer really works. Twix, like the different scenarios that I have mentioned earlier, could have just died the minute he went out on the road, but instead, he was placed under the care of another loving family to teach us all a valuable lesson. That lesson now would depend on how this story touches your heart.


Lastly, I believe that even though God did not let me have the affirmation I needed from one person, he confirmed to me via 50 other people that I am loved by many.

This is the story of how I lost my dog and found some friends. What is your story?


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